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Global Warming

Global warming is not the same as climate change and climate change does not refer to global warming unless your intention is to muddy the water and cause confusion in the minds of the many.

Global warming is an idea suggesting very strongly that people…us humans…are responsible for global warming according to the great guru of climate Al Gore. But now a new twist has been added to the mix where global warming is referred to as climate change due to the heavy rain, snow and below normal temperatures said to be due to global warming. Yes indeed the ice on the pond is due to global warming they say.

However climate change has nothing to do with the perception of global warming which so many politicians claim they can correct if we allow them sufficient latitude to tax us out of existence. Sadly they seem to believe they can stop climate change and return us to a more normal state of affairs.

Deception rules in relation to Climate Gate…they say climate change is equivalent to global worming…in other words people caused climate change to occur and not the sun or the earth’s relationship to the sun…yes we are the cause they say…we humans are responsible for all this unusual weather.

I believe it impossible to overly emphasize the ludicrous rubbish we are being asked to accept as being based on scientific opinions. Yes, it is claimed that some scientists agree with this double speak which adds even more confusion to the debate.

Certainly there is climate change, it is inevitable that the climate should change but it has nothing to do with the idea of Global Warming being caused by we the people. Yet you are asked if you think or believe Climate Change is responsible for the unusual weather…but BEWARE that answering yes means you agree that Climate Change is equal to Global Warming. So this question and answer exercise indicates that you agree with the idea of Global Warming causing unusual levels of ice and snow.

More Deception

Clean Perfect 4 Tiers Side Channel

I feel this is important enough to consider.

After having viewed some of the videos taken at the start and during the Fukushima disaster it struck me as extremely odd that there should be no apparent damage from a reported 9 earthquake. Also consider that Japan has a system in place to warn its citizens of impending danger but no such warning was given until the waves were actually hitting the shoreline.

A 9 earthquake is about as big as they get and should an earthquake of this magnitude strike Vancouver and or Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada, there would not be much left free of serious damage. Yet in Japan which is an island nation there is no apparent damage from the quake…in fact it’s business as usual until the waves come crashing into the shore causing destruction to everything in the oceans path.

Despite being earthquake prone whereby earthquakes are an almost daily occurrence in Japan it would appear that the citizens were not aware of the magnitude of the earthquake or the impending danger of the waves. Surely they would have felt a 9 earthquake and realized this was not simply another of many earthquakes they experience on a regular basis.

This is serious and each of us has a responsibility to respect the dignity of our humanity by taking a renewed look at the negative forces intent on making this planet a less than habitable environment.

Jim Stone on Fukushima

Earthquakes & Tremors

It would seem that seismologists don’t get it…it’s not just a bunch of rock moving this way and that.  Good grief already where is the science?  For every effect there is a corresponding cause as in cause and effect.

For a tremor or an earthquake to occur requires an underlying force of energy to provide for a corresponding differential in that underlying force of energy…in other words the tremor and or earthquake is caused by a distortion in the energy differential.  This means the energy differential is of a nonuniform nature.

Consequently there is an electromagnetic component associated with both tremors and earthquakes.  In order to monitor this electromagnetic component requires the use of a gravitic communicator which allows for instantaneous communication regardless of the distance involved.

The electromagnetic signature of a tremor is immediate to the tremors manifestation while the electromagnetic signature of an earthquake can be detected in the form of an electromagnetic pulse lasting for hours prior to the actual manifestation of an earthquake.  This would strongly suggest that earthquakes can in fact be accurately predicted…whereby allowing a window of opportunity for survival prior to a major earthquake.

So where do we get a gravitic communicator?  A number of gravitic devises have been developed over the years while remaining generally unknown for the most part.  And just for interest sake…what do you think your head is?   Or the head of a dog or cat, bird or horse, cow or sheep etc. etc…which is why machine to brain communication is possible in the first place.  As in allowing the deaf to hear along with machine to dolphin communication etc. etc.

It would seem the geophysical folks are not up to speed on the subject…so they insist that earthquakes cannot be predicted with any degree of accuracy.

If you don’t try to do something you cannot be ridiculed for being wrong in your attempt to do so…so if you don’t try you’re safe from ridicule and no one will laugh out loud at your blunder.  On the other hand you might want to consider the consequence of not even trying…you only have to look to Fukushima Daiichi to get the drift of my meaning.


Fukushima is the central point in an ongoing saga of global proportions…in short it’s a bloody disaster and a global disaster at that.  Unfortunately too many politicians are clueless when it comes to nuclear power and the inherent dangers involved…if they knew better there never would have been a nuclear industry and we wouldn’t be in the mess we are today.

At the Fukushima nuclear facility it looks much like a train wreck but a train wreck could be dealt with in a straightforward manner.  Unfortunately, in the case of multiple melt downs there is no tried and proven method by which to deal with the situation…all any one can do is hope for the best and anticipate the worst.

The worst of course is beyond what most are willing to consider possible but despite so many choosing denial as an alternative to taking charge, the fissionable material simply continues on to its inevitable conclusion.

It’s a little late for hindsight or second guessing what could have been done or what should have been done…and no doubt it may come as a surprise to many that this nuclear nightmare of global proportions is far from over.

The very idea of molten Mox fuel working its way into the ground beneath the Fukushima site and eventually, making contact with an underground body of water should be enough to scare the daylights out of anyone with a basic comprehension of what would or will happen next.  The water encountered would quickly turn to steam and the resulting explosion would send shock waves around the world.

However, if it failed to encounter a body of water and simply kept going deeper it would eventually end up close to the earth’s core, which unfortunately consists of a gaseous mixture rarefied to the center of the core in the form of hydrogen.

No, it is not a solid or liquid metal core…it’s highly energized hydrogen*.

Should this molten Mox fuel come in contact with highly energized hydrogen you will suddenly discover how an asteroid belt comes into existence…it’s what’s left of a planet that suffered a severe traumatic shock.

In this case we should be hoping for an encounter with some fresh water and the resulting effects upon the planet…at least that way the planet remains in one piece.

I can understand, if you fail to take this seriously,… because it’s way past serious…it’s over the top and beyond what my mere words are  capable of conveying and on top of that,

I lack official credibility…so there you go, you have a valid excuse to dismiss the whole thing as rubbish…except for one small detail…I am not the only one who is of such an opinion, in fact there are quite a few who are concerned and they do have credibility and official credibility at that.

A world without a nuclear industry would be a better world…we don’t need nukes, in fact we never did but we sure as hell have them today.



Monatomic Elements

Jim Marrs is the speaker who is talking about monatomic gold.
His bio:

Another monatomic wizard to pay attention to is Dr. John Milewski who demonstrates a process for growing gold from bottle glass.  John is a retired engineer who spent many years working at Los Alamos and now has his own lab in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

I recently discovered the amazing work of Dr. John V. Milewski who himself has a long and interesting history…he has written many technical papers and edited a number of books as well as holding his own patents and is the president of Superkinetic Inc.

You might wonder what any of this has to do with gravity control…actually it has everything to do with gravity control, the book Unity and Project Unity.

You might know John from his video on utube where he is telling a noisy bunch about growing gold from bottle glass…beer bottles actually, so the jokers in the crowd want to know how many beers you have to drink to grow gold.

So John carries on and produces some silver in his microwave oven and pours it into a mold…now that gets my attention.  The reason why he chose to grow some silver was that it takes 3 or 4 repeated microwave sessions to produce gold or grow gold from bottle glass, and silver only requires 1 single microwaving.

This process of growing gold and or silver is much like the now famous Frozen Light Experiment but achieved in an opposite manner…this little gem does the opposite of that which the Frozen Light Experiment achieved.  The microwave process reduces the non-linear time field frequency acceleration of the monatomic gold contained in the bottle glass and forces the monatomic atoms to find each other and form molecules.  It is only due to the high energy state of monatomic elements that they are capable of existing as single atoms…reduce the high energy state and they form molecules which in the case of gold will look like gold and not like white powder.  Not only looks like gold but is gold.

There is much more though…the white powder (monatomic gold) when placed in a pan created a what ! moment…adding the white powder to the pan caused the pan containing the white powder to weigh less than the pan itself before the white powder was added.  So the monatomic gold has an effect on gravity…due to the high energy state of the monatomic material.

The next what! moment occurred when the pan containing the white powder was subjected to heat…the white powder simply vanished…it blinked out and was invisible…the white powder has left the pan…but when the pan was allowed to cool the white powder was back in the pan exactly as it was before it vanished.

In this case the heating of the pan increased the ratio of energy per unit of mass associated with the white powder (monatomic gold).  The white powder is in the highest energy state as it is nothing less than single atoms  existing in the monatomic form…and remaining relative to the environment in which they exist.  This is the highest energy state they can be in and remain visible or to put it another way…to remain in the here and now of the Earth’s relative field state.  Any further increase in the underlying energy (field frequency acceleration) forces the monatomic material from the here and now and into the future of the Earth’s relative field state…this is instantaneous transformation.

So there you have it…gravity control and instantaneous transformation.

There is a bit more though…which did not occur to me until today…color or colour is the result of a differential in the underlying energy of that which has color.  The color will vary depending on the underlying energy of the environment in which the color is being observed…or the environment from which the color is being observed.  Let’s say you are observing a structure which is yellow to orange…when viewed from a higher energy state relative to the environment in which the structure appears yellow to orange…the structure will appear to be more red…the color will shift to the red.  Consequently the standard concept of the blue shift and red shift has nothing to do with coming or going and or distance but simply corresponds to a differential in the underlying energy relative to the observer.

I am hopeful this is enough to encourage a little interest in Unity the book and Project Unity…keeping in mind that any physical hardware is not only physical but equally metaphysical at the same time or in the same breath.

In my opinion this is absolutely amazing.