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More Deception

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I feel this is important enough to consider.

After having viewed some of the videos taken at the start and during the Fukushima disaster it struck me as extremely odd that there should be no apparent damage from a reported 9 earthquake. Also consider that Japan has a system in place to warn its citizens of impending danger but no such warning was given until the waves were actually hitting the shoreline.

A 9 earthquake is about as big as they get and should an earthquake of this magnitude strike Vancouver and or Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada, there would not be much left free of serious damage. Yet in Japan which is an island nation there is no apparent damage from the quake…in fact it’s business as usual until the waves come crashing into the shore causing destruction to everything in the oceans path.

Despite being earthquake prone whereby earthquakes are an almost daily occurrence in Japan it would appear that the citizens were not aware of the magnitude of the earthquake or the impending danger of the waves. Surely they would have felt a 9 earthquake and realized this was not simply another of many earthquakes they experience on a regular basis.

This is serious and each of us has a responsibility to respect the dignity of our humanity by taking a renewed look at the negative forces intent on making this planet a less than habitable environment.

Jim Stone on Fukushima

Monatomic Elements

Jim Marrs is the speaker who is talking about monatomic gold.
His bio:

Another monatomic wizard to pay attention to is Dr. John Milewski who demonstrates a process for growing gold from bottle glass.  John is a retired engineer who spent many years working at Los Alamos and now has his own lab in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

I recently discovered the amazing work of Dr. John V. Milewski who himself has a long and interesting history…he has written many technical papers and edited a number of books as well as holding his own patents and is the president of Superkinetic Inc.

You might wonder what any of this has to do with gravity control…actually it has everything to do with gravity control, the book Unity and Project Unity.

You might know John from his video on utube where he is telling a noisy bunch about growing gold from bottle glass…beer bottles actually, so the jokers in the crowd want to know how many beers you have to drink to grow gold.

So John carries on and produces some silver in his microwave oven and pours it into a mold…now that gets my attention.  The reason why he chose to grow some silver was that it takes 3 or 4 repeated microwave sessions to produce gold or grow gold from bottle glass, and silver only requires 1 single microwaving.

This process of growing gold and or silver is much like the now famous Frozen Light Experiment but achieved in an opposite manner…this little gem does the opposite of that which the Frozen Light Experiment achieved.  The microwave process reduces the non-linear time field frequency acceleration of the monatomic gold contained in the bottle glass and forces the monatomic atoms to find each other and form molecules.  It is only due to the high energy state of monatomic elements that they are capable of existing as single atoms…reduce the high energy state and they form molecules which in the case of gold will look like gold and not like white powder.  Not only looks like gold but is gold.

There is much more though…the white powder (monatomic gold) when placed in a pan created a what ! moment…adding the white powder to the pan caused the pan containing the white powder to weigh less than the pan itself before the white powder was added.  So the monatomic gold has an effect on gravity…due to the high energy state of the monatomic material.

The next what! moment occurred when the pan containing the white powder was subjected to heat…the white powder simply vanished…it blinked out and was invisible…the white powder has left the pan…but when the pan was allowed to cool the white powder was back in the pan exactly as it was before it vanished.

In this case the heating of the pan increased the ratio of energy per unit of mass associated with the white powder (monatomic gold).  The white powder is in the highest energy state as it is nothing less than single atoms  existing in the monatomic form…and remaining relative to the environment in which they exist.  This is the highest energy state they can be in and remain visible or to put it another way…to remain in the here and now of the Earth’s relative field state.  Any further increase in the underlying energy (field frequency acceleration) forces the monatomic material from the here and now and into the future of the Earth’s relative field state…this is instantaneous transformation.

So there you have it…gravity control and instantaneous transformation.

There is a bit more though…which did not occur to me until today…color or colour is the result of a differential in the underlying energy of that which has color.  The color will vary depending on the underlying energy of the environment in which the color is being observed…or the environment from which the color is being observed.  Let’s say you are observing a structure which is yellow to orange…when viewed from a higher energy state relative to the environment in which the structure appears yellow to orange…the structure will appear to be more red…the color will shift to the red.  Consequently the standard concept of the blue shift and red shift has nothing to do with coming or going and or distance but simply corresponds to a differential in the underlying energy relative to the observer.

I am hopeful this is enough to encourage a little interest in Unity the book and Project Unity…keeping in mind that any physical hardware is not only physical but equally metaphysical at the same time or in the same breath.

In my opinion this is absolutely amazing.



Einstein Was Wrong

When Einstein realized his initial perception of universe was wrong he referred to it as his greatest blunder…he had initially thought the universe to be static and then discovered it was dynamic and expanding at an ever increasing rate…the expansion of universe is accelerating.  However, he failed to point out that his constant c could not possibly remain static in a dynamic universe.

So here we are today with our modern science quite convinced that the value of c remains constant over the course of many billions of years which is quite an assumption.  This in turn provides a virtual brick wall to further progress in attempting to comprehend the dynamic nature of universe.

Nonetheless Einstein did suggest something completely different…he suggested time to be different for every system in motion, that is every system of universe in motion.  It would seem very few appreciated his attempt at correcting his own errors and as a consequence his suggestion remains a total mystery to most.  Actually it’s not all that difficult to understand what he was attempting to convey so I think it’s fair to suggest his revolutionary suggestion was rocking the boat and making waves.

So what was he talking about?  He was stating something incredibly important…each system of universe, both micro and macro, represents a unified field system whereby a different condition of universe remains relative to each and every system in motion.

Consequently this provides an extremely radical advance in our attempt to comprehend the relative dynamics of time and space.

If we perceive time being different for every system of universe we must also consider that both past and future conditions of universe exist simultaneously and due to the non-absolute nature of time we have no manner by which to know if we ourselves exist in the past or the future despite the fact that we will always perceive ourselves existing in the present.

Take this one step further and you might question the validity of a year, a decade, a century or even a light year…a simultaneous universe does not correspond to our basic evaluation of time…not even close.

Another gem Einstein attempted to convey was the idea that gravity might not itself be an actual force of any kind but could simply be the effect of an underlying force which had yet to be discovered.  This of course would explain why it should be so difficult to control gravity as gravity cannot be manipulated in a controlled manner directly but only through the manipulation of this underlying force of which gravity is simply a dynamic effect.

Einstein might have been wrong about his initial concept of universe but he more than made up for it by making some astounding suggestions which have yet to be fully appreciated.

So let’s go one step further and consider the speed of light…is it possible to actually measure the speed of light or are we kidding ourselves into believing we can?  We measure the speed of light using a clock and a metre rule…how quaint…much like a fast train, a race car or a race horse.

We employ static terms of reference to define the speed of light and assume the calculations provide us with a well defined constant value.  So I have to ask what we might be thinking to make such a blunder or have we even considered the possibility…does light itself actually have a speed?  If light like gravity is simply a dynamic effect of an underlying force it would be impossible for light to be in motion in the manner of a fast train, a race car or even a speeding bullet.  It would be impossible for light to be in motion independent of the space and time in which it is found to exist…in other words light does not itself travel from there to here or from here to there.  Light is bound by the condition of field remaining relative to the system of reference and at the present moment our system of reference is planet Earth…light is not restricted by a speed limit…it’s instantaneous.  The light of distant galaxies does not take so many light years to reach us…what you see is what you get in terms of both past and future conditions of all other systems remaining relative to our system of reference.

Light speed is not a restriction associated with our desire to explore space…it’s a simultaneous universe and the answer to space travel is not bigger rockets or any other form of propulsion…the answer is instantaneous transformation, which is itself the manipulation of time and space.

In Plain View

It occurred to me the other night that our existing perception of ocean tides, earth tides and atmospheric tides is absolutely amazing…the tides have nothing to do with gravity.   There it is for all to see and yet no one seems to have noticed.

This is funny stuff…fall down laughing I should think…it’s a bit hilarious to say the least.

It is said that the gravitational attraction of the moon causes the tide to rise on the moon side and on the opposite side of the planet…I am quoting now from Scientific American…”At the point of the ocean’s surface closest to the moon the lunar gravitational attractive force is strongest and it pulls the ocean toward itself while on the opposite side of the Earth its attractive force is weakest which allows the ocean to bulge outward away from the moon.”

So we have a bulge in the ocean on both sides of the Earth at the same time…and this opposite bulge is explained by weak gravity.

Talk about a left handed way to rationalize the gravity of the moon and or the lack of it.

If the ocean did not form a bulge on opposite sides of the planet and gravity was in fact the activating force the moon and the Earth would immediately come together with a hell of a crunch.

As there is no such force called gravity in that gravity is not itself a force of any kind whatsoever…it is a simple differential in the underlying energy which affects the tides of planet Earth.  Gravity is simply an effect of the underlying force the book Unity refers to as non-linear time field frequency acceleration…the dynamic force of universe.

I hope some of you can see the humor in this.

Hubble Breaks Record

Oh my this is amazing…the Hubble has allowed scientists to view a Super Nova exploding 10 billion years ago!!!!!

That was before any of us were born no doubt…in fact there was no planet Earth at that time according to our modern science.  So this is really something to shout about I would think…bloody hell I say, no one here at the time and yet we have photographs of the event.

Imagine someone selling you a camera and telling you this camera can take pictures of the past…pretty cool eh?  Oh one little detail the salesperson forgot to mention…you’ll need one of these telescopes…yes, your very own Hubble.

Don’t get me wrong folks because I do think the Hubble is a very fine piece of equipment but this stuff about photographs taken last week or this week of events occurring billions of years ago is a bit over the top…in fact I would call it a really big story…kind of like having an imaginary friend except this is an imaginary story?

How can any serious science writer state that it took ten billion years more or less for the light of this Super Nova to reach the Hubble?  To accept such a statement as factual places the intelligence of the writer in doubt or did they just write what they were told to write?

If this is to be taken seriously we are in deep trouble because we are not thinking but simply buying into this fantastic story about a camera that can take pictures of the past…yes and in color no less.

I have a news flash for you…the universe exists in a dynamic state…yes, dynamic.  Nonetheless linear yardsticks are mentioned in relation to calculating the point in history when this Super Nova exploded…you cannot use a linear yardstick to measure light years nor can you employ metric rulers to do the job.  If…and it’s a huge if…the speed of light has remained static and or constant for billions of years you are in the wrong universe because in order for the speed of light to remain constant requires a static universe and this universe is not static…and here it comes, it’s dynamic.

Light itself is not in motion but the apparent motion of light is simply the effect of the field condition in which it is being observed.

Consequently there are no photographs of events having occurred billions of years ago…not even via the Hubble.