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Let’s begin with this.
Infinite Frequencies

The universe is a symphony and everything has its own frequency.
Every atom, every thing, every person, we all have our own personal frequency, hard to believe, every thing in this universe has its own frequency? And so does the universe.
We live in a frequency world and we are separate and we are one.

The right fequencies can heal.
Certain light and heat frequencies can heal.

The right frequencies can cause levitation.

The right frequencies are obviously faster than light by being instantaneous.

A ping here gets a ping back from a sympathetic vibration 13 billion light years away,instantly.
Obviously the speed of light as a travel mode can be circumvented.


Global Warming

Global warming is not the same as climate change and climate change does not refer to global warming unless your intention is to muddy the water and cause confusion in the minds of the many.

Global warming is an idea suggesting very strongly that people…us humans…are responsible for global warming according to the great guru of climate Al Gore. But now a new twist has been added to the mix where global warming is referred to as climate change due to the heavy rain, snow and below normal temperatures said to be due to global warming. Yes indeed the ice on the pond is due to global warming they say.

However climate change has nothing to do with the perception of global warming which so many politicians claim they can correct if we allow them sufficient latitude to tax us out of existence. Sadly they seem to believe they can stop climate change and return us to a more normal state of affairs.

Deception rules in relation to Climate Gate…they say climate change is equivalent to global worming…in other words people caused climate change to occur and not the sun or the earth’s relationship to the sun…yes we are the cause they say…we humans are responsible for all this unusual weather.

I believe it impossible to overly emphasize the ludicrous rubbish we are being asked to accept as being based on scientific opinions. Yes, it is claimed that some scientists agree with this double speak which adds even more confusion to the debate.

Certainly there is climate change, it is inevitable that the climate should change but it has nothing to do with the idea of Global Warming being caused by we the people. Yet you are asked if you think or believe Climate Change is responsible for the unusual weather…but BEWARE that answering yes means you agree that Climate Change is equal to Global Warming. So this question and answer exercise indicates that you agree with the idea of Global Warming causing unusual levels of ice and snow.

More Deception

Clean Perfect 4 Tiers Side Channel

I feel this is important enough to consider.

After having viewed some of the videos taken at the start and during the Fukushima disaster it struck me as extremely odd that there should be no apparent damage from a reported 9 earthquake. Also consider that Japan has a system in place to warn its citizens of impending danger but no such warning was given until the waves were actually hitting the shoreline.

A 9 earthquake is about as big as they get and should an earthquake of this magnitude strike Vancouver and or Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada, there would not be much left free of serious damage. Yet in Japan which is an island nation there is no apparent damage from the quake…in fact it’s business as usual until the waves come crashing into the shore causing destruction to everything in the oceans path.

Despite being earthquake prone whereby earthquakes are an almost daily occurrence in Japan it would appear that the citizens were not aware of the magnitude of the earthquake or the impending danger of the waves. Surely they would have felt a 9 earthquake and realized this was not simply another of many earthquakes they experience on a regular basis.

This is serious and each of us has a responsibility to respect the dignity of our humanity by taking a renewed look at the negative forces intent on making this planet a less than habitable environment.

Jim Stone on Fukushima


Fukushima is the central point in an ongoing saga of global proportions…in short it’s a bloody disaster and a global disaster at that.  Unfortunately too many politicians are clueless when it comes to nuclear power and the inherent dangers involved…if they knew better there never would have been a nuclear industry and we wouldn’t be in the mess we are today.

At the Fukushima nuclear facility it looks much like a train wreck but a train wreck could be dealt with in a straightforward manner.  Unfortunately, in the case of multiple melt downs there is no tried and proven method by which to deal with the situation…all any one can do is hope for the best and anticipate the worst.

The worst of course is beyond what most are willing to consider possible but despite so many choosing denial as an alternative to taking charge, the fissionable material simply continues on to its inevitable conclusion.

It’s a little late for hindsight or second guessing what could have been done or what should have been done…and no doubt it may come as a surprise to many that this nuclear nightmare of global proportions is far from over.

The very idea of molten Mox fuel working its way into the ground beneath the Fukushima site and eventually, making contact with an underground body of water should be enough to scare the daylights out of anyone with a basic comprehension of what would or will happen next.  The water encountered would quickly turn to steam and the resulting explosion would send shock waves around the world.

However, if it failed to encounter a body of water and simply kept going deeper it would eventually end up close to the earth’s core, which unfortunately consists of a gaseous mixture rarefied to the center of the core in the form of hydrogen.

No, it is not a solid or liquid metal core…it’s highly energized hydrogen*.

Should this molten Mox fuel come in contact with highly energized hydrogen you will suddenly discover how an asteroid belt comes into existence…it’s what’s left of a planet that suffered a severe traumatic shock.

In this case we should be hoping for an encounter with some fresh water and the resulting effects upon the planet…at least that way the planet remains in one piece.

I can understand, if you fail to take this seriously,… because it’s way past serious…it’s over the top and beyond what my mere words are  capable of conveying and on top of that,

I lack official credibility…so there you go, you have a valid excuse to dismiss the whole thing as rubbish…except for one small detail…I am not the only one who is of such an opinion, in fact there are quite a few who are concerned and they do have credibility and official credibility at that.

A world without a nuclear industry would be a better world…we don’t need nukes, in fact we never did but we sure as hell have them today.



The Problem With Environmentalists

You would think environmentalists would be latching onto free energy as if it were the savior of mankind.  But they’re not.  Beyond solar, wind and water currents, this crew entertains free energy as if it were a bedtime story for kids.  They simply don’t know anything beyond.

I receive many emails from green enthusiasts which are actually scams asking for donations.  Let’s get it straight.  For most of them, their hearts are in the right place.  They believe that to reduce the carbon footprint of every man woman and child they will clear the air and prevent global warming.

What they don’t know or refuse to believe is that mankind as a whole with all his stinking pollution is not the problem with global warming.

It’s the sun.  It’s heating up and warming all the planets.

Even if the greenies succeed in conquering pollution, altho it will clear the air, it won’t stop global warming.

Only those with an idea on orbit shifting or cooling the sun will be in a position to reduce global warming.

Unfortunately the current crop of environmental organizations either totally shun or simply have no idea about alternative energy sources beyond wind/solar/wave forces, all of which are convertible to electricity.  Perhaps many DO understand it’s the sun and feel helpless to do otherwise.  For many it’s a simple lack of belief that there is an aether which does offer free energy of a non polluting type.

After a hundred years we are still living in the combustion era.  If we could persuade our good intentioned green guys that there really is an answer.  That free energy is a reality now and of the most upmost importance, if we could intrique our green energy warriors, with their help, we could really get a handle on free energy.

It’s sad to think that the environmentalists have no vision beyond the obvious.  What’s needed is bright sparks within the green guys to talk up better solutions than they’re dealing with now.

The situation reminds me of the days of Chairman Mao in China when he dictated that the country should come together and make pig iron for the world.  The pig iron was too many notches below world standard to be entertained and that was the end of their ‘cultural’ revolution.  They’ve come a long way since then and Beijing now enjoys the status of being the most polluted city in the world.

Come on Green Guys.  There’s more available to the sight gifted among us than just what’s blowing in the wind.