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Hacked Again!

Someone or something does not like our forum…so this is the third time this year we have been hacked. This time it may not be possible to retrieve the forum.

The only conclusion I can come to is the fact that we may have either stumbled onto something which is supposed to remain a secret or we have hit a nerve by posting our opinions on rather sensitive subjects.

Whatever the reason it stinks and I for one don`t like being bullied and pushed around…so get over yourself whoever you are and get out of the way…gravity control is here to stay.


It would appear we have changed little since the 1500s or earlier…we are still the same basic people and still believing we know something…we know what is real and what is not. We will defend our trust in authority and demonize anyone who threatens our perception of reality.

When someone states quite clearly…”You people couldn’t handle the truth”…some of us know exactly what they are referring to. They are referring to the outright lies, deception and corruption that forms the framework of control…as it is upon the basis of such control that our modern construct of social order has been formulated.

Don’t kid yourself into considering this to be less than a valid assessment of the situation…despite the fact that some will claim with a clear and distinct voice…No, it can’t be, the truth of such a situation could not be kept from all of us, it would leak out and the rule of law would be applied to those responsible. Unfortunately the truth can be kept from all of us, including you and I. Much time and energies are devoted to keeping the truth well beyond our collective view…the truth is simply denied to be true. “How dare you!” I heard one exclaim…whereby they were saying; how dare you question the official voice of authority.

Most would choose to believe the voice of authority while holding to the thought that my government wouldn’t do such a thing or that organization wouldn’t do that or that company wouldn’t do that and on it goes…with the critical point being that most cannot allow themselves to consider the possibility of being a participant or a victim of such a well constructed plot. Most dare not step beyond the seemingly apparent safety of their self assuring belief in the trusted voice of authority.

Consequently it is those who would so trust the voice of authority which allows the various elements of deception and corruption to flourish to a level far beyond common comprehension.

If most of us were not so fearful none of this would be possible but we are fearful and due to our fear we allow those in positions of trust to deceive us and further corrupt us to a level of paralysis where we are too fearful to even consider the possibility of being afraid.

Those who can be manipulated to fear authority can in fact be made to willingly contribute to the deception and corruption intent on eroding the basic attributes of our collective humanity.

I will not allow my hope for the future to fade…I pray for peace and honesty to prevail.

Climate Change?

Climate change is happening but it is not a man-made thing or a woman-made thing…and the idea that government rules and regulations are going to counter climate change is a ludicrous suggestion at best.

Yes we can do something about pollution but pollution is a completely different subject whereas climate change is something which we mere mortals have no control whatsoever as it is an issue involving the sun and earth and or the sun and the planets of the solar system in which we reside.

It has been this way since the start of our solar history and will continue as such as long as the solar system exists…so get used to the idea because there is nothing any organization or political party can do about it.

The idea that climate change can be modified or stopped by controlling our human activities is nothing less than an insane idea…total madness if you like that better.

The media and the politicians are feeding you a line of bullshit…they want you to believe it should be possible to stop climate change by limiting our human activities but all their efforts will result in is more control over we the people…yes, they want more control over all of us.

There is an energy differential existing between the sun and each of the planetary bodies constituting our solar system. In the case of the sun and the earth with the sun remaining relative to our planet earth there is an increasing differential in energy…at the present time the earth is becoming increasingly resistant to the sun which will eventually result in the earth shifting its orbit and relocating further from the sun. It’s happened before and it will happen again.


I have to wonder at the horror of it all…turning entire countries into rubble.

Some rather demented soul claims it is a humanitarian mission intent on bringing democracy to foreign nations whether they want it or not…the idea of bombs raining down on the people is extremely difficult to perceive as a humanitarian mission…there is nothing humanitarian about it.

This whole business of war and more war is insane at best as it benefits no one…it is a horrific attack on our basic humanity.

Even hospitals are not immune from intentional destruction…doctors and patients wasted for what?

Our world leaders could stop the horror today if they wanted to risk it all and bring a little sanity into play…to find it in their conscious mind to show a little ethical backbone and realize the futility of war.

How about a little peace for a change…how about a little human dignity…show a little compassion and empathy for the people of the world…we’re all people, each and every one of us.

Global Warming

Global warming is not the same as climate change and climate change does not refer to global warming unless your intention is to muddy the water and cause confusion in the minds of the many.

Global warming is an idea suggesting very strongly that people…us humans…are responsible for global warming according to the great guru of climate Al Gore. But now a new twist has been added to the mix where global warming is referred to as climate change due to the heavy rain, snow and below normal temperatures said to be due to global warming. Yes indeed the ice on the pond is due to global warming they say.

However climate change has nothing to do with the perception of global warming which so many politicians claim they can correct if we allow them sufficient latitude to tax us out of existence. Sadly they seem to believe they can stop climate change and return us to a more normal state of affairs.

Deception rules in relation to Climate Gate…they say climate change is equivalent to global worming…in other words people caused climate change to occur and not the sun or the earth’s relationship to the sun…yes we are the cause they say…we humans are responsible for all this unusual weather.

I believe it impossible to overly emphasize the ludicrous rubbish we are being asked to accept as being based on scientific opinions. Yes, it is claimed that some scientists agree with this double speak which adds even more confusion to the debate.

Certainly there is climate change, it is inevitable that the climate should change but it has nothing to do with the idea of Global Warming being caused by we the people. Yet you are asked if you think or believe Climate Change is responsible for the unusual weather…but BEWARE that answering yes means you agree that Climate Change is equal to Global Warming. So this question and answer exercise indicates that you agree with the idea of Global Warming causing unusual levels of ice and snow.