Gravity Control: Something New And Old

It’s time for me to unload some stuff I’ve been keeping for too long.

Here we go!   zzzz……whap lopbomaloomop and a zisboombam

Hmm, I’m having trouble where to start.

Let’s start with frequencies.  We hear a limited range of frequencies but we know they exist above and below our capabilities.  That’s the hear part.  Then the See part.  We see colours all the way up or down to infrared.  And that’s it.  Our human range of seeing and hearing is limited but thankfully our understanding is greater.  Time passes.

Over time I’ve been adding to my book, The Quest For Gravity Control.  Thinking I would just upload what I have so far, I was met with this message:  The Quest For Gravity Control.pagesSorry, this file type is not permitted for security reasons.

Well, okay guys.  Nice to know you’re there.

Anybody want to help make the leap to gravity control?

AAA Barclay 4D Perfect Pixles Copy